Fitness equipment

Massage Cape
  • Product name:Massage Cape
  • Product number:TACEC506
  • Introduction:Targeted multiple position knock on massage. Adopt in...
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Cervical Vertebra Therapeutic Apparatus
  • Product name:Cervical Vertebra Therapeutic Apparatus
  • Product number:TPA-JZZLY
  • Introduction:Three humanized massage modes, easily deal with cervi...
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Electronic  Pedometer
  • Product name:Electronic Pedometer
  • Product number:TOMLHJ-302
  • Introduction: EW-10 blood pressure instrument is wrist type full-a...
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Wrist  Blood Pressure Instrument
  • Product name:Wrist Blood Pressure Instrument
  • Product number:TSOEW-EW10
  • Introduction: TSOEW-EW10 blood pressure instrument is wrist type f...
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Intelligent Body Fat Scales
  • Product name:Intelligent Body Fat Scales
  • Product number:TYOC1
  • Introduction:TYOC1 intelligent body fat scale, 15 kinds of functio...
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Rowing Machine
  • Product name:Rowing Machine
  • Product number:TLIRM6600
  • Introduction:Advantages of rowing machine: simulate boat racing, e...
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