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22 Inch Imitated Apple Wall-Mounted AD Player
  • Product name:22 Inch Imitated Apple Wall-Mounted AD Player
  • Product number:TGG22
  • Introduction:Ultrathin lightweight design, easy to use and looks nice.High resolution, high contrast, high brightness, greatly impro...
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21.5inch Network AD Player
  • Product name:21.5inch Network AD Player
  • Product number:TGG21.5
  • Introduction:Support infrared control;Provide job status indicator...
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10.1inch Tablet PC
  • Product name:10.1inch Tablet PC
  • Product number:TPB-10.1
  • Introduction:Factory OEM 10.1inch quad core HD tablet PC, with pho...
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9.7inch Tablet PC
  • Product name:9.7inch Tablet PC
  • Product number:TPB-9.7
  • Introduction:9.7inch MTK8389 quad core, suppor 3G phone call, HD s...
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8inch Tablet PC
  • Product name:8inch Tablet PC
  • Product number:TPB-8
  • Introduction:8inch Quad core mobile phone tablet PC, 3G call dual ...
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7inch Tablet PC
  • Product name:7inch Tablet PC
  • Product number:TPB-7
  • Introduction:7inch powerful dual core tablet PC, adopt MTK6572 pro...
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