Tools & small devices

Air Pick
  • Product name:Air Pick
  • Product number:TXIRB777
  • Introduction:It is a tool used for roadbuilding, and broken concre...
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Rolled Steel Cutting Machine
  • Product name:Rolled Steel Cutting Machine
  • Product number:TDOJ1G-DB05
  • Introduction:Thickened baseplate, the machine is more stable, not ...
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Electric Portable Drill
  • Product name:Electric Portable Drill
  • Product number:TDOJ1Z-FF
  • Introduction:Electric hand drill is a kind small portable tool for...
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Integrated Welding Machine
  • Product name:Integrated Welding Machine
  • Product number:TBESMIG-350
  • Introduction:TBESMIG series tapped carbon dioxide welding machine ...
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Electric Screw Driver
  • Product name:Electric Screw Driver
  • Product number:YQIP1L-TKS
  • Introduction:For general household electrical appliances’ shell sc...
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