Reflective material

Highlight Color Chemical Fiber Cloth
  • Product name:Highlight Color Chemical Fiber Cloth
  • Product number:TXI1366
  • Description:TXI1366 reflective fabric cloth series, consists of wi...
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Light Reflection Cloth
  • Product name:Light Reflection Cloth
  • Product number:TXI5001-A
  • Introduction:TXI5001-A series firefighter uniform is made of wide angle and exposed high refraction rate glass beads, and bonded on ...
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Light Reflection Hot Pasting Membrane
  • Product name:Light Reflection Hot Pasting Membrane
  • Product number:TXI4003-A
  • Introduction:TXI4003-A light reflection hot pasting membrane serie...
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Series Lattice Belt
  • Product name:Series Lattice Belt
  • Product number:TXIJG
  • Introduction:Material adopt the microprism reflection principle. People know that the light reflection has diffuse and specular refl...
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