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Elliptical Trainer

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    The moving track of the treadmill is an oval route, according to this situation, the health and fitness facilities designers developed a kind of trampled machine which combines with the features of round flywheel and could ajdust resistance at any time, thus the elliptical trainer was born.

    1. Compound ergonomic design
    2. Natural and leisureliness, comfortable enjoyment
    3. Magnetic control extraordinary silence
    4. Manual operated fat measurement, offer you extreme intimate care
    5. Up to 120kg load, safe and stable
    6. 8 gears of magnetic controlled resistance adjustment
    7. Double handrails lying style heart rate test 

    1. Reduce impact force to joints
    2. Transformable exercise level
    3. Hand and feet match whole body exercise
    4. Makes the sports be easier and comfortable

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