The treadmill


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    1. Streamline surrounded indicator dial, comply with ergonomic design.
    2. 9 inch home use large golden display. The visual location is designed according to the change principles when people are doing sports, so provide excellent visual experience when you do the exercises.
    3. Super long and width safe diamond stripe track, effectively reduce shake when running, and better protect your safety.
    4. 4.0HP high quality TV, mandatory double fan blades heat dissipation, ensure great heat emission which will ensure the normal working of motor, prolong the lifespan of motor.
    5. Benz’s six level damping system, real scientific damping. The innovative horizonal cushion technology vanish shock rebound on pedal, and effectively protect knees and ankle, maximumly reduce the resistance when running and the damage to body, meanwhile reduce the noise cause by vibration of treadmill, avoid disturbing the residents.
    6. Wifi cloud interconnection recreation, say goodbye to boring sports mode
    7. Made by hammered steel, military level weighting
    8. 15 gears of gradient automatic lifting, say goodbye to manual operation, easy and effortless.
    9. Multiple intelligent exercise experience modes.

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