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AI Treadmill

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  • Introduction

    1. Three weight lose process, stages challenge mode. Five intelligent modes, built-in 96 groups of stages challenge. According to your exercise habit and weight loss schedule, automatically enter into nex level, makes you thoroughly enjoy the sports pleasant.
    2. Perfect ergonomic design, including :back step rebound system, lead to damping. And it will vertically and horizontally conduct out the pressure that suffered by body joints, three layers of cloud soft running board. Pressure will be vanished throught layer and layer of filtration, avoid movement pressure, and get rid of damage.
    3. Hi-Fi double loudspeakers, ths sound will be the same as in the real scene.
    4. Full real scene map makes running no longer boring.
    5. Multiple modes that are optional, defeat lazy easily.
    6. Strong industry motor, the source of endless power.
    7. High strength low carbon steel, weigh 120kg
    8. Air streamline, fashionable apprearance design
    9. Hydraulic folding, easy pack up and open up.
    10. Puch-and pull by roller, it can be moveable even with low strength

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