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Space Capsule Leisure Home Use Massage Armchair

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  • Introduction:
    1. Zero gravity space capsule technology: averagely disperse body weight into armchair, making body more relax.
    2. Multifunctional experience: activity malaxation, deep level pat, strong shiatsu, knead and pat synchronization, drum style knock on, activity massage
    3. Intelligent simulation of human hands massage : technic like a skilled masseur, multidirectional stereo massage manipulation, soft and close to skin.
    4. SL super-long space bend track, the massage stroke from head to hip, close to the bend of human spine.
    5. Space capsule zero gravity floating feeling: and elevation of 127, averagely disperse body weight, and gravity pours into hip fat, like suspension in vacuum state.
    6. Surround embracing Thailand type of streching
    7. Air bags wrap up feet bottom roller scraping: multifunctional air bags wrap up press, circle round roller, deep level stimulate reflecting region on feet bottom.
    8. 3D munipulator deeply massage: simulate masseur’s techinic, 3D massage deeply close to skin
    9. Automatically detect human body curve, super-long massage rail: intelligently detect different body curves, offer massage according to the S shaped change of human beings, suitable for high, short, fat and thin people.
    10. Massage speed and width can be adjusted
    11. Wiggle neck function: two independent group of air bags for neck, offer massage to neck through the shrink function, along with left and right wiggle to help you exercise neck muscle. 

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