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    TYOC1 intelligent body fat scale, 15 kinds of functions, hign-end hidden LED, partner for health&fitness, 9 items of body data (weight, body fat, basal metabolic rate, moisture, muscle content, protein, bone mass, visceral fat, BMI)track record and analyze, visual depth of body health report, orientational sports plan and dietary nutrition opinion, effectively help customers healthfully loss fat, scientifically gain weight and reasonably carry out body shape.

    1. Healthy status of boby can’t be quantized by only weight, it’s the body fat that can tell if you are fat or thin. C1 is a scale that can measure the body fat, comprehensively detect your body.
    2. High-precision point sensor, which will show accurate and consistent result no matter how you stand on the scale.
    3. Only need to stand on, fat rate, muscle rate, basal metabolic rate etc of 9 items of body data can be knew instantly.
    4. With cool apprearance

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