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Wrist Blood Pressure Instrument

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  • Introduction:
    1. TSOEW-EW10 blood pressure instrument is wrist type full-automatic electronic blood pressure instrument, apply oscillography, and could fastly and easily measure blood pressure value and pulse rate.
    2. Applied for adults noninvasive blood measure and pulse measurement, not for infant.
    3. For wrist that is 12.5cm-22.0cm of perimeter.
    4. Portable blood pressure instrument, large LCD screen, read digit clearly, multiple convenient functions help you have a good management of your blood pressure everyday.
    5. High blood pressure warning (digit flash) , tell you if high blood pressure or in normal range, judge by the blood pressure classification of W.H.O/ISH. If the value is higher than the normal one, the digit will flash. High blood pressure 140mmHg, low blood pressure 90mmHg.
    6. If detect iregular pulse during the detecting process, it will show the symbol to remind arrhythmia when the detection is finished, and will suggest to do a new round of detection.
    7. If detect hand movement during the detection, it will show the symbol that there is body movement, and will suggest to do a new detection.
    8. 90 times of memory function.

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