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Cervical Vertebra Therapeutic Apparatus

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  • Introduction:
    1. Three humanized massage modes, easily deal with cervical vertebra discomfort.
    - electric pulse massage: simulate massage manipulation of traditional Chinese medicine, promote local blood circulation, relax part muscles, relieve tiredness.
    - thermal moxibustion: apot thermal moxibustion that are suitable for human body, promote blood circulation, relax sense of nervois, relieve headache and dizziness.
    - magnetic effect: built-in magnet, promote micro circulation
    2. Remote control: operation distance will be longer, convenient for free movement and control
    3. Two kinds of power supply: direct power supply and high capacity environmental friendly battery.

    Applied for:
    People who always surf internet, in office, always use mobile phone and always lower head.

    Diminish inflammation, detumescence, analgesia, promote blood circulation, relax part muscles, relieve tiredness, assit to cure headache, dizzness, shoulder and arm numbness and neck pain caused by cervical spondylosis.

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