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Power Driving Dual Wheel Different Turninng Direction Resuce Saw

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    The born of dual wheel opposite direction resuce raw is a revolution to tools industry, which makes the original impossibility become possibility, the original fixed cutting become easy hand operation, and the speed of cutting steel is 5-8 times faster than original single blade raw. It could cut steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, wood, car tyre, car glass, rubber and imported glass curtain wall etc without changing saw blade, so greatly improved the performance and application, thoroughly changed the history of a single tool could only cut one material.


    Advantages of double wheel opposite direction raw:
    - Rapid cutting speed, high efficiency: 5-8 times compared to original tool, largely shorten the rescue time, only three seconds to break aluminum rolled door, which can’t compare and surpass by other tools.
    - Wide cutting range, multiple functions: cut steel, copper, wood, plastic, rubber, car glass etc with only one blade, and easy handling too.
    - Process of cutting is stable, no recoil force: adopt double saw blades and opposite direction, the speed and force of every blade is same but direction is opposite which will counteract with each other, so the cutting can be finished easily and without using much strength.
    - No need lubrication and cooling, easy handling: new type saw blades have been optimized from structure to shape of blade head, no need of lubraication and cooling no matter what materials to cut, simplify difficulties of handling and maintainence.
    - Lock or break of blades will happen, so the handling becomes more safe: because the dual direction saw adopts double blades for cutting, and the width of blades head are much larger than the thickness of blade matrix, plus that the built-in smart control board which will automatically compensate power under rated load, so no block of blades will happen no matter what materials to cut, meanwhile the blades metrix adopt the Germany imported steel plate and Germany’s heat treatment technology, so no matter hardness or toughness can meet the safety requirement even in bad conditions.
    - No heat emerge in incision, clean and bright: because of inlay blades saw cutting, so it realizes cold cut in real terms, seldom spark will emerge during the complete cutting process, and at the same time ensure no temperature rise in incision, no color change and no burr generate too.
    - Ultra slim material also can be cut, and the material will not get deformation: it works as scissors, no matter slim material or all kinds of profiled material, no deformation will happen after the cutting.
    - Small size, light weight: it can be conveniently installed on many rescue vehicles, and no need to reserve space. 

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