150KW Air Cooling Biesel Generating Set

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  • Introduction

    Air cooling diesel generating set uses DEUTZ’s air cooling 912/913, 413/513 series engine as power, Marathon, ABB three phase generator etc as power supply, common control system, they compose a generating set. It has the features of simple operation, and convenient use and maintenance. 


    Compact structure and small size, high power, low noise, good emission (environmental friendly model, reach EU 2 or EPA standard), good low temperature start up (has -40℃ low temperature assist start up measures), low fuel consumption, high economic efficiency, high reliability and durability, convenient use and maintenance etc. Stable work in -40℃--50℃ environment, especially suitable for severe environment such as cold, hot, plateau, polar region and water shortage. The set has been widely used in aviation, railway, oil field, hospital, national defense, seaport, telecommunication, energy, mall, fire fighting, catering services, construction, exploration etc as nonstop power supply and spare power station.  

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