Silence Diesel Generator Set

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  • Introduction

    10-500KW low noise diesel generator set is a newly developed product based on the study and absorbtion of foreign famous brand’s advanced technology. It adopted new type of sound absorbtion material, the vent on cabinet is reverse-flow type air channel, ensure smooth imcome and ooutcome air as well as heat emission. The set has used high efficiency enhanced siliencer. The cabinet is combined type, which is convenient for assembly and repair. It has strong structure, the underframe is double design and installed with damping devices. Open the control screen and inspection window on the cabinet for convenient observing.


    Performance and features:

    Excellent metal plate cabinet structure and unique paint treatment process ensure splendid and beautiful appearance. Good ventilation and heat dissipation system ensure the power of set.

    Ultra large fuel tank capacity can ensure 8 hours continuous working.

    High efficiency damping meansures ensure a balance operation

    Specially used sound absorbtion and sound insulation damping materials ensure the noise only 75db with distance of 1 meter to the set

    Besides through improving cabinet structure, equipped enhanced siliencer, able to make the power station meet ultra-silence standard, which could reach 68db.

    Scientific inspection window and emergency stop button, convenient handling and observe the operation status.   

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