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High Antitorque Drill Pipe Connector (DSTJ Connector)

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  • Introduction:
    Usually the anti-tensile strength on tube body is higher than on connector, this mismatching will cause damage to thread under severe environment of drilling operation. High anti-torque drill pipe connector could effectively prevent occuring of this situation.

    High anti-torque:
    SFMC high anti-torque drill pipe has a great improvement in anti-tensile strength against the common API connector, which could better match all kinds of API steel drill pipe, ensure longer lifespan and low repair rate.

    SFMC high anti-torque drill pipe connector has good interchangeability with common API connector, it can directly connect with all API standard tools such as drill collar and heavy weight drill collar without adaptor subsitute. Applied for working in the environment that has sulphur. 


    Any API drill pipe that with thread can change with anti-torque drill pipe connector.

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