Hydraulic Excavator

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  • Introduction:
    TJICN90 crawler type hydraulic excavator, steady and smooth, with abundant power. Main components are from internationally famous brands, combined with nowadays world advanced technology, ensure machine excellent performance and high reliability. 
    Choose internationally famous engine brands:
    Superstrong power, low oil consumption, low noise, high efficiency. Advanced systems including fuel system, control system, incoming air treatment, filtering system, tail gas treatment. 
    Advanced hydraulic system:
    Adopted the internationally advanced hydraulic control system, provide CN90 excavator with high efficiency and stable working performance. 
    Advanced mechatronic control system:
    optimized designed electronic controlled gear, power curve of main pump is almost the same with engine curve, power saving and high efficiency; electronic monitoring system always monitor the machine status, sound-light warning and display relevant breakdowns. Adopted advanced structure design components, analysis method, ensure reliable strength of main structure components such as chassis, platform, swing arm etc. Cab design complies with ergonomics,equipped with air conditioner, wide vision and comfortable driving. 

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