Dump truck

Serial Dump Truck (Heavy Load Type)

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    Fully new cab which was designed upon the cooperation of European well-known design company, the design is fashionable and beautiful, the front face was designed with letter V which integrated the brand’s characteristic, looks splendid and solemn. The inner instrument adopts European popular roundabout style, with attractive appearance, the trim chooses imported material, no odor, and ensure the safe and health of drivers. With domestic heavy truck’s special metallic framework+covering structure, which is equivalent to its European counterparts in safety, and meet European ECER29 safety codes. The frame is one time punch forming, which ensure the strength of crossbeam. It used a new axle, which was owned by BENZ, thus improve the reliability and fuel-efficient, high attendance rate. Enhanced structure, as engineering machinery and workable for the transportation of heavy cargos in very bad working conditions like mine etc.

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