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TKC-C1 Electric Scooter

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  • Introduction:
    TKC-C1 enhanced version electric scooter compared to the old version:
    1. From disc brake to drum brake
    2. Added 2.4inch large display screen
    3. Front tyre added with 12 level spring bumper
    4. Added frosted antislip strip on pedal
    5. Add touch-tone setting panel
    6. Newly added assist start function

    1. Comfortable riding 
    - front tyre anti-shock: both sides of front tyre equipped with 8 level spring bumper, absorp the vibration caused by uneven roads.
    - solid rear tyre: anti-explosion inflate-free rear tyre could withstand road abrasion and the inner side with honeycomb design, reduce risk of tyre puncture.
    - 5cm width of tyre, ensure to cling to the road when driving, tireshoulder with corner angle design, play the role of preventing sideslid when make a turn.
    - pedal skid resistance: built-in dual antislip stripe
    2. Road safety:
    - front light: LED lamp just under the handle, power is below 20W, low power consumption.
    - warning horn: realiable supplier, ensure quality.
    - rear warning light: better identification of your scooter on foggy, heavey rain or other bad situations that with bad line of sight.
    - rear tyre drum brake: high realiability and strong braking force
    3. Humanization design
    - LED electronic display screen: equipped 2.3 inch digital LED display screen on left hand handle, driving speed, dump power, driving time and distance can be clearly displayed.
    - foldable: easily placed at trunk.
    -touch-tone setting panel: could adjust gear, power on/off, and parameters presetting etc.
    - convenient carry: designed with combination of ergonomic and mechanics principles, easy to carry.
    -anti-theft lock: anti-theft lock together with the scoother, able to block on the triangle month place
    4. Powerful inner design
    - strong horsepower: high power 250W, brushless DC motor, noise reduced by 20% compared to old version.
    - strong power: speed 25KM/H, raised by 40% compared to old version
    - assist start function: wake up the battery throught run-up, to realize motor and battery nonzero start, prolong lifespan of battery.

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