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TKUC3 Electric Scooter

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    First generation scooter doesn’t have seat, people will feel ache on shank after long time standing. TKUC3 electric scooter design with seat, so it’s much comfortable. Second generation scooter, you can choose to have seat or don’t have seat, which means you only have one choice. TKUC3 has the folding seat, which will be more convenient.

    1. Comfortability
    - mountain bike’s suspension seat: soft cushion with air hoe, comfortable sitting; suspension design, reduce jolt on the uneven roads.
    - frong tyre anti-shock: two sides of the front tyre with 8 levels of spring shock bumper, effectively abosorb shock from the uneven roads, create comfortable sitting.
    - bear tyre is anti-explosion solid tyre: avoid air inflation and abrasion resistance, honeycomb creation, avoid the possibility of tyre punction.
    - retractable handle: 90-110cm height, suitable for rider with different stature.
    2. Safety
    - rear tyre disc brake: strong reliability and powerful braking force.
    - head light for lighting: equipped with LED light below handle, with high brightness, long lifespan and low power consumtion.
    - warning horn: precisely choosed supplier, ensure quality.
    - warning lamp at rear side: use on foggy, heavy rain days or other situations that with bad line of sight, it’s easy to be distinguished by cars behind you.
    3. Hommization 
    - LED display screen: 2.3inch digital LED screen on left handle, riding speed, dump power, riding time, riding distance etc can be showed on the screen.
    - foldable design, easy to be placed in trunk.
    - press-button settings panel: adjust the gear, turn on/off and parameters preset etc.
    - core motor technology: strong horsepower, high power, rapid speed, low noise, excellent climbing capability. 25KM/H speed and free stepless speed change
    - aluminum alloy bracket: die-casting technics, strong compressive and deformation resistances, could bear 120KG.

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