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21.5inch Network AD Player

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  • Introduction:
    -Support infrared control
    -Provide job status indicator
    -Support dual-channel LVDS display output
    -Support VGA or HDMI video output
    -Fanless design, Reduce maintenance costs 
    -Efficient and stable embedded design
    -Support watchdog、automatic reset & self-healing
    -Support network download, decoding and playing of video, images, text, audio, etc. 
    -Supports four playback priorities
    -Immediate release of emergency information and unexpected events is available; Support media files insert.
    -Support automatic downloading and update of files; Support download verification.
    -Support split-screen
    -Support automatic time calibration
    -Support regular boot and shutdown
    -Support transparency setting of Notable text
    -Subtitles smooth playback is available 
    -WI-FI&3G devices can be extended through USB interfaces to support wireless applications
    -Support multiple mainstream resolutions(up to 1920x1080)
    -Support vertical screen
    -Support Centralized control, Centralized management, Replacing and inserting card without manual; Can play different information according to different places, different audiences and different time periods.
    -Support remote operation for software upgrade
    -Use the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL), so the terminal software and software interfaces of server are more standardized, while Layout switching is more flexible and comfortable.

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