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Thermoplastic Styrene Butadiene Rubber LG501

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  • Introduction:
    SBS is a new type “the third generation synthetic elastomer”which has both the features of plastic and rubber, with high elasticity of rubber, high strenth and easy workability of plastic at the same time, and has good low temperature resistance,breathability and slippery resistance, easy for machine shaping, and process is simple, no need of sulfuration, low power consumption, easy coloring, and leftover materials are recycle.

    Thermal plasticity SBR LG501 has good tensile strength, elasticity and electrical performance. The permanent deformation is small and good rebound resilience, big friction on surface, with features of good rebound resilience, processing ability, low temperature resistance, and could be like the thermal plastic that can inject finished products. It can be widely used for shoe sole, toy, asphalt modifier, plastic modifier and adhesive etc.


    1. Compared to general sulfuration rubber, this product has preferable hardness, tensile strength and elongation.
    2. Excellent melt to other resin
    3. No need of sulfuration, and available for repeating process
    4. Same as general plastic, which will be able to procced with process of extrusion forming and injection forming. 


    Widely used in industry area, such as shoes, general chemical compound, asphalt modifier, adhesive and plastic modifier.


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