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Threadlocking Agent 272

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  • Introduction:
    Loctite272 glue, high temperature resistance up to 230℃. It can be used to strengthen the locking of double thread screws on junkhead. It will provide fast solidification for many objects’ surface including uncleaned fasteners. It is recommended to used for the bolts that are under the diameter of 1.5’’(36m). Heating and tools are needed when take part is needed, and it is applied for permanent locking and seal of thread fasterners. This product gets solidification on sealed environment of two connecting metal surfaces with oxygen isolated, and could prevent looseness or leakage caused by shake or strike. It’s typically applied for big size bolts(M25 or larger)


    User Manual:
    Use such as Loctite’s cleaning agent to thoroughly clean inner and outer surface of objects and dry in order to achieve better result.
    If objects are  non active metal or unknown material, spray glue on the matched surfaces, and dry in the air by 30 seconds.
    In order to avoid the bottle mouth being blocked, so prevent the bottle mouth contacting metal materials.
    For the through-hole, dispense glue on the coordinating places of screw bolt and nut.
    For the blind hole, dispense glue at the bottom of blind hoe. The inner air will be drained out when doing the assembly.
    For the purpose of seal, coat the outer thread (360°) but no need for the first thread, fill the gap of thread with full glue. For bigger thread and gap, valume of glue could be adjusted and also applied the glue on the inner thread.
    Mount the bolt according to normal operation. Moment of force is not needed when tighten to the necessary moment of forces.


    - high temperature resistance up to 300℃
    - usable for locking of junkhead’s double thread
    - fast solidification, including fastners that haven’t proceeded with special treatment. It’s recommended to use for bolts that are under 1.5’’
    - heating and tools are needed when tear apart is needed


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