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Instant Adhesive 480

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    Loctite480 is single component, medium viscosity, fast solidification cyanacrylate adhesive. This product is specially designed, with the features of improved suppleness and peel strength. Low odor, no whitening, improved toughnesstype, low solidification instant adhesive. Bond, tighten, fasten or preassemble components. Applied for bonding between aluminums, iron and plastic, match with 770 treatment agent.


    Large area bonding of metal materials, provide good solution for adhesiveness of metals, besides Loctite480 could bond plastics or flexible objects easily.


    This product is not suitable to be used in purified oxygen or oxygen-enriched environment, could not be used as seal material for oxygen or other strong oxidizing substances.

    1. In order to achieve the best result, the material surfaces which will be bonded should be clean and without grease.
    2. This product has best performance when applied for adhesiveness on smaller gaps (0.5mm)
    3. Unnecessary adhesive could be dissolved and cleaned out by Loctite’s cleaning agent, nitrocarbol or acetone


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