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Plane Seal Silicon Adhesive 587

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    Loctite587 is single component, with thixotropy, high performance RTV plane seal silicon adhesive. It could excellently block car engine oil, and could reduce load and vibration on load area. Single component system, room temperature vulcanization, blue color, glue oxim solidification, good flexibility, high elongation, good lubrication resistance performance, no corrosion on iron or aluminum, low toxic, also can be used as gasket material in high temperature.


    Used as car gasket for sealed function, such as bonnet, rocker cover, oil distributing disk, water pum, end seal, intake manifold and rear axle housing, ahdesiveness and repair silicon gasket.


    This product is not suitable for using in purified oxygen or oxygen-enriched environment, could not apply as sealed material for oxygen or other strong oxidizing substances.

    1. In order to achieve best result, the surfaces of bonded substances should be clean and without grease.
    2. It needs at least 72 hours to achieve complete function
    3. The moisture solidification will immediately start after connecting with air, thus the substances should be bonded within several minutes after the adhesive being squeezed out
    4. Unnecessary adhesives could be wiped by nonpolar solvent
    5. Remaining solidification substances can be removed by knives or single face knives.


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