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Organosilicon Plane Seal Adhesive 598

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    Loctite598 is high performance, single component gasket of organicosilicon sealing adhesive. Hardness, flexibility, anti-aging, not become hardness, shrink and breakage when weathering and thermal cycle; also can resist UV light and ozone. Black color, single component, deoximation solidification, no collapse, no corrosion, low odor, low volatility; mainly used for frange seal, with features of good oil resistance, and could meet the requirement of bonding surfaces move by eath other, such as mould pressing metal plate cover (timing cover and oil groove); max. Fill gap up to 6mm. Typical application temperature range is -54℃~260℃.


    This product is used for cars, and it could still keep its performance and effectiveness after connecting with car liquid such as engine oil, transmission fliud, ethanol and antifreezing solution.


    It’s not recommended to use this product on components that connect with gasoline; not recommended to use as gasket for cylinder cover or as sealed agent for cylinder; this product is not suitable to be used in purified oxygen or oxygen-enriched environment, can not be used as sealed material for oxygen or other strong oxidizing substances.


    1. In order to achieve best result, the surfaces of bonded substances should be clean and without grease.
    2. It needs at least 72 hours to achieve complete function
    3. The moisture solidification will immediately start after connecting with air, thus the substances should be bonded within several minutes after the adhesive being squeezed out
    4. Unnecessary adhesives could be wiped by nonpolar solvent


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