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Retaining Compound 680

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    Loctite680 high strength/medium viscosity retaining compund is suitable for clearance fit or interference fit with immobilization sleeving, belt pulley, gear, rotor, repair hole, shaft fitting and out-of-tolerance parts, it gets initial curing in 10min, and provide 20.7N/MM2 shearing strength for steel after 24 hours, maximum radial fill gap is 0.25mm.
    For adhesiveness of column shaped components, such as retainer sleeve, pulley, bearing motor, lining, axle sleeve, bearing etc.


    This product is not suitable for use in purified oxygen/oxygen-enriched environment, can not be used as sealing material for chlorine or other strong oxidizing substances. Check the compatibility of the abluent and adhesive when use hte abluent for the surface cleaning, under some circumstances, the abluent could affect the solidification and performance of adhesive.


    1. Use loctite abluent to thoroughly wash the inner and outer surface of material and dry in order to achieve the best result.
    2. If material is inert metal or solidification speed is too slow, use catalyst and dry in the air.
    3. For sliding fit, only need to coat adhesive on lead angle of winding axle and axle sleeve, then rotation will make it have good coating.
    4. For press fit, both surfaces which will be bonded need to fully cover adhesive, and fit out with appropriate high pressure.
    5. For shrink fit, adhesive should be applied to axle, then heat the sleeve to produce enough clearance for free fitting.


    Disassembly: local heating for assembly parts up to 250℃, and doing disassembly during heating.
    Cleanout: for solidification adhesive, could soak it in solvent or use steel brush to proceed with mechanical polish.


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