Degreaser 910

Product Number:
  • Introduction:
    Target on bare metal surface, old paint film and the surface of devices, specially allocated for oil removing and cleanout.

    Product name and accessories:
    Name: Lesonal 910 degreaser
    Chemical raw material: organic hydrocarbon mixed solvent

    Applied substrate:
    bare metal, ground coat paint, old paint film, including thermoplastic crylic acid lacquering


    Applied technology:
    - do the cleanout and oil removal for car components before repairing
    - wet a piece of cloth with 910 degreaser, use it for surface treatment and cleanout as well as oil degreaser, then use another dry and clean cloth wipe and dry its moisture surface instanly. Means one for moisture/cleanout, another for wipe and dry.
    - clean and oil removal work could remove the remaining grease, engine oil, wax, silicon resin and sand grains. The paint layer would fall off after some time if the car surface didn’t clean and move oil, becuase it’s adhesive ability is bad.
    - if your hand or fingers touch the places where have been polished and degreased, you must remove oil again to prevent the dirt/grease from the hands affecting the paint repairing result.


    VOC theoretical value: 734 g/Lt.

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