Lesonal Diluent 810

Product Number:
  • Introduction:

    Very slow dry diluent 810D
    Slow dry diluent 810CC
    Diluent 810C
    Fast dry diluent 810B

    Operation temperature and application:
    - Very slow dry diluent: temperaure>35℃, used for multiple plate and the respray of finished vehicle.
    - Slow dry diluent: temperature between 30℃ and 35℃, used for small area repair or unit plate spary
    - Standard diluent: temperaure between 20℃ and 30℃, usually used for multiple plates match finished vehicle respray
    - Fast dry diluent: temperature<20℃, usually used for multiple plates to respray for complete vehicle


    Chemical raw material:
    Organic solvent mixed liquor. These products also can be used to cleanout oil stain on rare metal. They have good performance on the clean of spray guan and devices.


    Fast dry diluent 810B - 5L
    Standard diluent 810C - 5L,18L
    Slow dry diluent 810CC - 5L,18L
    Very slow dry diluent 810D - 5L


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