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Low Fog Cutting oil ECOCUT HFN 10LE

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    ECOCUT HFN 10LE multipurpose cutting oil, excellent anti-corrosion property, without chlorine and zinc. Low oil fog, outstading pureness dispersing performance. Also can be used as machine equipment oil. Meet the cooling and lubrication demand high speed grinding. Widely used as high speed cutting and grinding oil,also can be used as equipment hydraulic fliud and spindle oil. Widely used in all kinds of gear cutting technics. Usable for inner-cooling and external cooling devices, belong to green environment friendly products. 


    - low evaporation technology
    - excellent antifog performance
    - chlorine and zinc-free EP additives
    - good surface quality, especially the exquisite processing operation
    - good cleaning agent and disperse quality
    - strengthen lifespan of knives by using this oil when doing cutting
    - outstanding anti-corrosion protection

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