Lubricating oil

Lube Oil API SJ 5W-30

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  • Introduction:

    API SJ
    * the use of imported and high performance composite additives and refined base oil, product performance in line with the United States APISJ quality level.
    * energy saving factor unique technology, saving oil, fuel oil, providing excess protection for engine.
    Excellent high temperature oxidation resistance and low temperature startup performance, suitable for all kinds of harsh environment.
    * outstanding high temperature deposit control, effectively inhibit the accumulation of oil sludge and carbon, keep the engine clean, reduce engine wear.


    Scope of application:

    Apply to all of the requirements for the use of SJ grade gasoline vehicles, especially suitable for use in the Chinese road traveling in the domestic high-end car.
    Packing specification: 0W-40 5W-40 SAE

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