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Anti Clatter Insert UR-AK

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  • Introduction:

    -The self-hardening damping paste in a bag;
    -For all shapes and sizes of clattering covers in all traffic areas;
    -Safe and successful noise abatement;
    -The high-quality and versatile alternative to the spacer ring.


    Durable, Heavy-duty, Frost and De-icing Salt Resistant
    - The safe cover spacer with the particular fit.
    - Prevents clatter noise and is also ideally suited as a seal.
    - Does not inhibit removal of the protective screen during cleaning or when entering the shaft.
    - The damping insert is made from environmentally friendly and cold-setting bicomponent liquid plastic.
    - The paste is injected on the spot directly from the bag into the shaft frame.
    - In fitting the cover the exact and optimal shape is formed.
    - An all-over damping insert is created within minutes.
    - For all shapes and sizes of covers.

    Here’s how to be done!
    1. Remove the clattering cover from the frame.
    2. Clean the surface and cover of coarse dirt.
    3. Using a cloth saturated with the stripping agent from the compartment , rub the bottom and sides of the cover lightly and allow stripping agent to act.
    4. Release the between compartments and and remove.
    5. Thoroughly mix the two components in the bag by kneading.
    6. Cut off a corner of the bag with scissors (approx. 1 cm). Inject the paste from the bag into the shaft frame or support surface by creating a bead approx. 7 mm thick.
    7. Place the cover in the frame immediately before the paste hardens.

    You can drive over the cover after only a few minutes!


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