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Push Button Transmitter ERGO Series

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    ERGO series transmitter has three versions. The earliest is ERGO old style transmitter, and it still is well-known for our customers. Except for the old style one, we also offer ERGO-F transmitter which will be mainly used in industry. It has two versions, one is the normal version but with a LCD display, the other is 2.4GHz version without display. You can choose one group of buttons or two group of buttons according to your demand of function. All models have been set with multi buttons, and you can handle them flexibly even with heavy working gloves.
    The HETRONIC ERGO F transmitter is the latest generation of the industry leading ERGO series hand held transmitters featuring 3 different standard configurations and customizable programming, Memory Key technology, a new ergonomic profile and easy remote setup. Memory Key technology allows the ERGO F to "remember" your settings, lock out unauthorized use and even save settings in spare Memory Key Caps in the event of cap loss or damage.

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