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Joystick Transmitter GENIO-SFERA

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  • Introduction:
    SFERA models offer a perfect alternative to the larger and heavier joystick transmitters and are used in an array of new and traditional applications. They use the GENIO electronics, which is extremely reliable with easy maintenance.
    The compactness, ergonomics and light weight characteristics have been studied for long-term and professional use.
    PUNTO transmitter is the smallest: up to 2 on/off joysticks can be mounted, single or double axis, stable or instable and up to 4 speeds each. Toggle switches, rotary switches and/or buttons can also be used.
    The SFERA is slightly larger and has the same characteristics as the PUNTO with the  possibility of mounting up to 3 joysticks.
    The M Transmitter is perfect for the operator who requires more flexibility and space. With the M you are able to add toggles, rotary switches, joysticks (single or double) buttons and other actuators in a larger and more flexible area.
    All Joystick transmitters can be supplied with custom labelling and symbols, if necessary.

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