Intelligent wireless remote control device

Push Button Transmitter MITO-MINI

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    MITO is the range of radio remote controls developed and built by ElCA in 3 different versions of transmitters.
    MINI (small handset), ALPI and VETTA ( small waist portable transmitters with toggle switches )  and with 2/4/6/8 on/off commands,Start and Stop.
    The technology used permits the systems to be used with the great satisfaction and in severe working conditions, and includes an internal Lithium battery, a transmitter with IP67(Mini and  Alpi) and IP65 (Vetta), and an array of layouts and settings.
    These new systems are designed to work with recovery vehicles, forestry winches, small cranes, and many other applications.
    The Mito range also includes a Listen Before Transmit feature, allowing to automatically scan, find and lock onto clear and available frequency upon pressing the start button.


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