Intelligent wireless remote control device

Push Button Transmitter SILUX·P

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  • Introduction:
    SILUX handset is an on/off system available with single step buttons, toggle and/or rotary switches and Stop.
    P handset has up to 12 pushbuttons (8 frontal double step and 4 single step on the side).
    The keypad is rugged and allows you a clear and distinct feel between the first and second speeds (P model).
    Both are available with either removable or electronic start up key as well as automatic frequency change option. The transmitters have an IP65 protection level and supplied with 2 NiMh rechargeable batteries.
    The button of SILUX can be expanded to 6 single buttons at the most, and the keys will never be damaged. The product has a small size and complies with ergonomics. It’s not suggested to operate by too long time, or it may make you tired. Two-way communication, and support one transmitter while multi receivers and multi transmitters with multi receivers.

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