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Joystick Transmitter GL Series

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    The HETRONIC GL family of transmitters sets the standard for today's industrial radio remote controls. The GL and GL-3 impresses with its sturdy and attractive design. No compromises are made in regard to functionality and operator friendliness.

    The GL is available with up to 3 dual-axis joysticks (digital or proportional) or with up to 6 fully-proportional paddle levers. It also comes equipped with a battery charger and 2 rechargeable batteries.

    HETRONIC offers the GL pre-engineered or "off-the-shelf" for the most common applications. However, the lightweight and roomy GL is perfect for extensive customization. Contact HETRONIC and our engineering staff will gladly tailor a GL system to suit your application.

    Ergonomic and well-balanced, operators easily access control elements. The joysticks or paddle levers permit smooth machine operation while minimizing operator fatigue. The GL, in combination with HETRONIC's BMS-2 or modular-design receivers assures the ultimate in your machine circuitry integration.

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