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Joystick Transmitter GR Series

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  • Introduction:
    The HETRONIC GR family of transmitters is designed for industrial applications. The GR and EURO allow plenty of space for joysticks, pushbuttons and toggle switches while the lightweight design and ergonomic shoulder harness ensure comfortable operation hour after hour.
    The GR is available with up to 4 dual-axis joysticks (digital and proportional) or up to 7 single-axis paddle levers. It comes standard with a battery charger and two rechargeable batteries.
    The EURO is primarily designed for tunnel-drilling machines and earthmoving equipment. The EURO allows room to accommodate numerous joysticks, toggle switches and other operator interfaces.
    In addition, the ergonomically designed shoulder harness provides fatigue-reducing comfort in the most rugged field environments.
    The GR is available as a customized transmitter tailored to your unique applications. Please note that the EURO/GR system is offered for customized solutions only.

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