Reverse osmosis membrane

Seawater Desalination Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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    FILMTEC SW30HR-320 is a high productivity, very high rejection element designed to lower component economics. This element is also effective in treating high fouling feedwaters.

    FILMTEC SW30HR-320 can effectively be used in permeate staged seawater desalination systems without impairing the performance of the downstream stage. FILMTEC SW30HR-320 features a 34 mil feed spacer, alleviating the impact of fouling on pressure drop across a vessel and enhances cleaning capability. FILMTEC SW30HR-320 delivers high performance over the operating lifetime without the use of oxidative post-treatments like many competitive products. This is one reason FILMTEC elements are more durable and may be cleaned more effectively over a wider pH range (1-13) than other RO elements. Automated, precision fabrication reduces element variablity, increases reliability, and maximizes element efficiency, lowering your cost of operation.

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