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Clamp Meter Fluke 302 303 305

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  • Introduction:
    Fluke 302+/303/305 are newly promoted clamp meters by Fluke with compact type, this series of clamp meters are easy for use, and can meet the requirement of basic daily electric maintenance.


    - not like the before models, Fluke 302+/303/305 are more compact and beautiful, complying with Chinese market’s requirement of size, appearance and hand feeling of the products.
    - AC 400A(302+), 600A(303), 999.9A(305) could meet different application demand of customers.
    - 30mm wire diameter
    - comply with CAT IV 300V/CAT Ⅲ 600V high level safety rules
    - 1.8% high accuracy (305 is 1.5%)
    - Products of the whole series all have backlight function
    - two years warranty

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