Intelligent wireless remote control device

Receiver T20RX-01APL

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  • Introduction:

    T20 system - optimized cost performance and easy for use.

    T20 system is suitable for the wireless application which has simple function requirement, 3 functions at most and use 1 function at one time. Such as door control system which only require three functions(open-close-stop), and only require operation of 1 function at one time.

    There are many combination choices when use T20, you can use one transmitter to control up to 1,000 objects, such as 1000 pieces of door, thus realizes one to many. Customer also can register 60 transmitters with only 1 receiver, thus realizes many for one.

    The transmit frequency for T20 system is 433.92 or 869.85 MHz. T20 is one kind of wireless control system that has good cost performance, easy for use and easy installation.

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