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    FFP2 against oil and non-oil particulates. According to the authoritative studies, it is approved to provide protection against virus of SARS Avian flu, etc. With an innovative design to the new exhalation valve which provide the minimal exhalation resistance and a faster evacuation of the moist exhaled air.   

    - soft nose bridge, no metal outside, avoiding friction
    - Lower breathing resistant to provide super comport
    - Ultra soft triple sponge seal perfectly to fit the face



    Textile, mining, construction, iron and steel industries, car body preparartion industry, woodworking, agricultural and horticultural activities, food industry,cutting and moulding of metals, etc ... Protects against dusts, mists and fumes containing calcium carbonate, clay, kaolin, cellulose, cotton, flour, ferrous metals, cement, sodium silicate, sulphur, glass fibers and plastics, hardwood, coal, quartz, non ferrous metals, copper, aluminium, barium, titanium, vanadium, chrome, maganese, molybdenum, vegetal and mineral oils, metal-working fluids(this list is non-exhaustive).


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