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Respirator With Communication System

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  • Introduction:

    Honeywell ES300 respirator communication system consists of noise reduction module, communication module and inner-built microphone. Noise reduction module could amplify the words spoke by the user within the mask to the outside environment, and filter the breathing noise, which will make the teammates hear clearly of the voice from the team members even in the noisy environment. Communication module is used to transmit the words of the user within the mask to intercom, which will make the long distance communication be available even without taking off the mask.


    Main features:
    - low power consumption processor
    - IP65
    - superior filter chip
    - large battery capacity
    - flexible module design
    - no influence on view


    Recommended industry/application:
    - air suspended particles
    - biohazard
    - chemistry
    - enclosed space
    - pollution
    - extreme environment
    - explosion
    - fire
    - poison gas, vapor, smoke and fog.
    - splash

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