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Mobile Vacuum Gas Absorbtion System

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    A further conclusion of the E.ON Ruhrgas report is that increasing the throughput of the applied suction system will lead to even better results.
    However we see limits here in both the costs for the vacuum system and also for handling because the costs and the weight of larger pumps increase disproportionably in relation to performance.
    The advantage of the Vakumobil, however, is its work capability both from out of the vehicle (in the portable version) and also the possibility of quickly moving the compact system or operating it at exposed locations. Furthermore, even smaller vehicles with limited space and tolerably low vehicle payload are used when looking for gas leaks.
    Therefore, our plan is to keep the existing sizes. Should situations then occur which require even more capacity; two Vakumobil can be used effortlessly at the same time. Depending on the size of the gas diffusion, three or six suction pumps are then connected to every Vakumobil. Equal number of connected suction probes ensue the same vacuum for every probe and therefore, optimal suction. There is also double suction performance for doubled costs. This variety of uses offers a flexible solution and very good cost effectiveness.
    The new suction probes and accessory parts are available immediately and they can naturally be used with existing systems.

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