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Gas Leakage Detector

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  • Introduction:
    Snooper Mini is designed specially for gas project construction and it’s maintainer, indoor tube network leakage checker as well as other occasions that need to detect the leakage of gas. The device has the features of precise and light, low prices, economic and applicable, wide measuring range, so it’s quite suitable for company to allocate to the front-line staff for portable use.


    SNOOPER mini application:
    - detection at connection points, flanges, threaded connections and gas regulator fittings.
    - House lead-ins and concealed gas lines in enclosed spaces at air outlets leakage detection.


    SNOOPER mini advantages:
    - Small size, can be put into pocket for taking.
    - Large screen and backlight LCD digital display, detecting data are intuitive.
    - High precision semiconductive sensor, display precision 5ppm.


    Device could demonstrate in CH4, C3H8 and man-made coal gas etc, so application range is wide.
    - fast start-up time


    Sound and light alarm
    - soft swan neck sensor design, especially suitable for the leakage places where has narrow spaces.
    - high cost performance, so gas company could purchase and allocate in a large quantity.


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