Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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  • Introduction:

    We has many designs, series and sizes of cylindrical roller bearing, and most are single-row bearings with cage. High load, double row, multiple row, sing&double&multiple full complement(without cage) and double-split bearings have enriched the product range of SKF standard series.

    The bearing that with cage could withstand high radial load, high speed and applications that need high speed transport. The full complement roller bearing has the biggest quantity of rollers, thus will be suitable for application of midium speed and heavy duty. SKF’s high load cylindrical roller bearings combine the high load of full complement bearing and the high speed of the bearings with cage.


    Elements that affect function and lifespan of SKF cylindrical roller bearins include but not limited to those as below:
    - roller end surface / ribe contact area
    - roller log curve contour
    - surface treatment
    - parts that are interchangeable


    Product line:
    - single row cylindrical roller bearings, mainly including NU/N/NJ/NUP
    - high load cylindrical roller bearings, NCF/NJF/NUH
    - double row cylindrical roller bearings, NNU/NN/NNUP
    - multiple row cylindrical roller bearings
    - single row full complement cylindrical roller bearings, NCF/NJG
    - double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings, NNCL/NNCF/NNC/NNF
    - multiple row full complement cylindrical roller bearings, or four row or eight row rollers.
    - double-split cylindrical roller bearings.

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