Tapered Roller Bearing

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    Tapered roller bearing consists of conical shaped inner and outer ring raceways, and the rollers are also made with a taper. It could bear both radial and axial loads simultaniously. The extended lines of ring raceways join in the same point on axial line(picture 1), realizes the real rolling and low friction. The axial load will increase along with the enlargement of contact angle α. The degree of angle has relation with the calculation factor e: if the value of e is larger, the contact angle will be bigger. One single-row tapered roller bearing usually needs the cooperation of another one to make adjustment together. 


    The elements that affect the function and lifespan of SKF bearings are including but not limited to those as below:
    - rollers end face / rib contact area
    - raceways contour surface
    -the consistency of contour and rollers’ size
    - running-in

    Product line:
    single-row tapered roller bearing
    Couple Matching single-row tapered roller bearing
    Double row tapered roller
    Four row tapered roller


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