Hydraulic Constant Working Pressure Hose

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  • Introduction:

    451 hose was designed to deliver consistency and reliability with a constant working pressure of 3000 PSI in all sizes. It is light, durable, and easily bent making installation easier and quicker. The 451 hose exceeds SAE 100R17 performance specifications. Sizes range from ¼” to 1¼” in diameter with different cover options available for various markets.


    • Transportation
    • Military
    • Construction
    • Agriculture
    • Grounds & Building Maintenance
    • Waste & Refuse
    • Material Handling
    • Forestry
    • Railroad
    • Utility Equipment
    • Personal Lift Equipment
    • Machine Tool


    • Half SAE bend radius for ease of installation and low force to flex
    • 3000 PSI constant working pressure in all sizes
    • ToughCover or SuperTough cover options to prevent abrasion


    • Petroleum base hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils


    Compatible Fittings:
    • 43 series fittings

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