Customs Inspection, Such As Shipping Business Gradually Returned To Normal Handling

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  After the accident, the municipal government attaches great importance to the, departments in charge of the work of the foreign trade of standing deputy mayor Duan Chunhua deep port field view, sympathy, understanding the port operations and put forward specific requirements. The port sector initiative to overcome the difficulties, actively take measures to ensure customs clearance.

  A is the timely implementation of office service centers. Although affected by the explosion, Xingang customs, northern maritime bureau, Xinjiang frontier inspection stations and other units of the housing damage can not be used, but in order to protect the Tianjin port customs clearance procedures for the work uninterrupted, the port unit timely adjustment of the office, and multiple channels in a timely manner to the public, as far as possible to eliminate the effects of the accident, ensure enterprises for smooth customs clearance operations.

  Second is to play the "single window" security role. Full unaffected by the explosion of "single window" web server, adhere to the normal conduct of business. Electronic Port Corporation and other departments also sent special forces to strengthen the system of maintenance and management, to ensure that the system of "single window" always maintain the safe and stable operation, in the security clearance play an important role.

  Three is to strengthen key areas patrol. The temporary office space, cruise terminal ports and strengthen on-site viewing, timely understanding of customs clearance operations to handle the situation, in the security certificate of personnel security under the premise, to ensure the normal development of the clearance of the business. According to the temporary office space business site, the timely deployment of staff, good customs clearance services order security. To speed up the Tianjin International Trade & shipping service center of the repair work.

  Timely recovery port operations. Fast equipment maintenance, to ensure that the navigation facilities, terminal facilities at all times in normal state, and the rapid recovery of the terminal operation. As soon as possible to restore the waterway and ensure that in addition to the other ship outboard of dangerous goods can be docked all waters of Tianjin port. Adjust the container inspection sites, determine the site inspection of temporary container.

  Five is to establish liaison mechanism of port authorities. To keep abreast of the operation of foreign trade in Tianjin port business, led by the Municipal Commission of Commerce, city port office, Tianjin Customs, Tianjin entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Tianjin port and Freight Forwarders Association established the information liaison mechanism, strengthen the daily information submitted, in a timely manner to reflect the problems appeared in the port customs clearance, coordinate and solve the foreign trade enterprises have encountered difficulties and stabilize the Tianjin foreign trade growth.

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