Why the price of many products of our company is more advantageous?

1)Source procurement: our company is headquartered in Germany, all the goods directly from the source of European manufacturers procurement, intermediate links at least.

2) to fight a single delivery: the German warehouse to fight a single unified international logistics and customs clearance, logistics cost savings.

3) platform advantage: our company has developed for many years, the company has been in the European industry has a considerable reputation and influence, compared to the general small trading company of our company and the European manufacturers more bargaining power.

Customers find the goods have a problem how to do? 

Found that the goods in question, please timely contact with the staff, if customers suspected products performance problems, and communicate with staff after back to our company. My company will be responsible for the goods back to German manufacturers inspection and maintenance, if the factory product quality problems all costs borne by the company and foreign manufacturers. If customers use the goods caused by the improper damage reason, customers need to pay related maintenance and logistics costs.

How do we check the goods?

Goods from customs clearance, we will send the shipment of each order are apart, the contract contrast to check the model and quantity as well as the packing of the goods into the packing list is sent to the client. At the same time, of the cargo to reinforce the packing, the goods can safely and quickly to customers of the company; if abnormal, will immediately get in touch with the customer.

How do customers receive notification of the arrival of the goods?

Staff will leave the customer contact information, when the goods arrive at our warehouse, our relevant person in charge will contact the customer and inform.

How do customers track the execution status of the order?

Customers can log on the company's official website order query module or real-time query tracking and customer service.

Customers how to order?

New customers, please provide your company's billing information and the required product: brand, type, quantity to your corresponding responsible staff can.


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