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Portable Gas Detector Caution
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Gas detector sensor determines the sensitivity of the gas detector, so that the attention of the matter are around the gas detector sensor to discuss.
First, we need to know about gas detector sensor.Sensor produces an electrical signal, through the electronic circuit processing, amplification and display of gas concentration at the detector,Because of the need to withstand the harsh environment impact, long-term continuous operation, and there is explosion-proof and the power supply capacity and other restrictions,Therefore harmful gas sensors particularly demanding, the pros and cons of the sensor determines the quality and functional specifications gas detector.


What should we pay attention to when using a portable gas detector?
1、Note that portable gas detector measurement range:
Any gas detector has a fixed detection range, only within the range to complete the measurement, otherwise the result is far lower than the measured value for your environment.Long time beyond the range of measurement, the sensor will cause damage, so can not get the correct results in the measurement range in future.

2、NOTE sensor life of gas detector :
Gas detector has a useful life, including portable gas detector, even without regular use, it still will be aging.Under normal circumstances, in the portable gas detector, the optical ionization detector has the longest life expectancy, which is about four years;LEL sensors can be used for more than three years;The electrochemical specific gas sensors life is relatively short, usually in one to two years;The oxygen sensor can only be used for about a year.
You must learn about the instructions before use, should be used in the period of validity, if found expired, need to be replaced immediately.

3、Often need to calibrate and test the detector:
Portable gas detector commonly used measurement method is relatively measuring method,as follows:
1).The instrument is calibrated with a standard concentration of gas and a zero gas, and the standard curve is stored in the instrument ;
2).Compare with standard concentration of electrical signal and Electrical signal to be measured gas concentration,get an accurate calculation of the gas concentration value.
The instrument is calibrated to zero at any time, and the calibration of the instrument is an essential work to ensure the accuracy of the instrument.Currently,most of the gas detector can replace the sensor, however, not all kinds of detectors can be common detector head.

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